Global Ocean Link is actively developing company on the European market of logistic services.

“Global Ocean Link serves your goal” is the motto of the company that indicates its main mission: to provide reliable services of high quality in transportation and logistics for customers, efficient fulfillment of obligations to its partners and suppliers, social responsibility to the state and city in which it resides.

And of course, Global Ocean Link serves its employees. Constantly changing external conditions and factors associated with transportation are the main features of logistic companies work. That’s why Global Ocean Link is looking for active and social people.

Culture of internal work in Global Ocean Link is based on team spirit and friendly relations of the staff. The company appreciates initiative and creative approach to work. It strongly appreciates the personal development of employees, their aspiration for career and professional growth.

Global Ocean Link offers to its employees a full social package, regularly paid salary and bonuses, all these points create a comfortable working atmosphere.

The process of candidates’ consideration consists of the following steps:

  • receipt and review of the CV;
  • meeting and interviews;
  • repeat meeting is possible in order to review the skills and qualities of the candidates according to the nominated vacancy;
  • training and probation period.

If you are interested in cooperation with Global Ocean Link, please submit the application in the form of standard CV with a detailed description of experience and education in the HR department.


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