Global Ocean Link has tested successfully container train service from Ukraine to the Netherlands

Global Ocean Link, a long-time leader of the Ukrainian logistics market, together with JSC Ukrzaliznytsya successfully launched a train with 40 20-foot containers, which went from the station Nikel-Pobuzhsky (Ukraine) to the station CTT Rotterdam (Netherlands). The train overcame this route in 9 days: the train was sent on January 23 at 22:00, and arrived at the destination station on February 2 at 12:00.

The peculiarity of this shipment is that the transportation passed along the new route through the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing Mostyska-2 — Medyka directly to the station Rotterdam.

It is noted that in the future, the total time for transportation may be reduced to 5-7 days, which can seriously compete with motor transportation and become an alternative type of logistics at this direction.

Other competitive advantages include the availability of containers (Global Ocean Link’s own container fleet is more than 150 TEU), large cargo capacity, and relatively low cost of transportation.

The company also plans to launch new container trains in the direction of Poland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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