Global Ocean Link has started to provide cargo transportation in tank containers across Europe

Recently, Global Ocean Link, which is a long-term leader in the Ukrainian market of container transportation and logistics, began to transport cargo in tank containers (ISO tanks) throughout Ukraine. But we are happy to announce that from now on our company is an agent of opeartor E-Way Alliance, so this type of freight transportation is available for those customers who need to carry out transportation across the territories of such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus.

Transportation in tank containers is a relatively new segment of transport logistics. They can be used to transport both dangerous and non-dangerous products. ISO tanks are made of stainless steel and covered with a protective layer, which makes transportation as safe and reliable as possible, allowing you to withstand extreme loads and prevent damage. Due to all these advantages, tank containers can be transported by various modes of transport.

“This business operates on the principle of shipping lines, which is why we provide such containers for transportation in combination with sea freight”, said the representative of the Kyiv branch of Global Ocean Link Valentyn Voinychenko.


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